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Team Building

Sailing is the perfect sport for team building activities and can help enhance your company values. It is an emotional sport that strenghtens team cohesion and increases group co-operation.

there are many similarities between sailing and company life
. the importance to have clear objectives
. teamwork... each member of the team working in cohesion to achieve the final result.
. the ability to be able to identify the problem and take immediate action to solve it (problem solving / fast decision making).

Sailing enhances leaderships skills and the ability to manage conflict within the group, it encourages a sense of belonging and shows the importance of each individual maintaining their defined role to benefit of the team
Above all it is an enjoyable and entertaining experience where you are in contact with nature and will see many splendid sites.

In order to make the perfect program we co-ordinate directly with the company to define objectives and take into consideration the company values and culture.

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Corporate meetings - incentive

Cerro, our location, is an excellent destination for corporate meetings or conferences.
There are many Top Quality hotels in Stresa and Pallanza, just in front of us. They have excellent organization and are equipped to host events of all levels.
Special corporate offers are available ranging from races (fleet-race or match-race) to cruises on the lake, including visit to Borromeo Islands and “aperitif” refreshment in front of the ancient St. Catharine Monastery at sunset and other unique locations.
The itinerary can be chosen to match your needs.
Sailing provides a very enjoyable relaxing climate clearing the mind of daily problems, the freedom of the lake stimulates creativity... …making a perfect environment for corporate meetings.

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